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About Us

VERTU is a Luxury Mobile Phone Manufacturer and Retailer based in England. VERTU was established by Finnish mobile-phone manufacturer Nokia in 1998 with a view to produce and sell high quality luxury mobile phones around the world. Since 1998, the company as it stands today, has grown into a Luxury Smartphone Giant and our products are loved and appreciated all across the globe by all sections of the society. Earlier it used to be a phone used only by the Celebrities or the Higher class of the society, but the recent mid-range smartphone launches have made it affordable to all the classes. Here are some photos from the Recent Launch Event of VERTU's latest mid-range Smartphone - The Vertu Aster P, held in 2019 :


At VERTU our aim is simple: to Create the Extraordinary. We do this not only by putting something truly exceptional in your hand but also by ensuring your VERTU is more than an Object of Desire. Through our lifestyle services, it’s your passport to an exclusive world. Each VERTU mobile phone blends a unique trilogy of Craftsmanship, Performance and Services. We have a dedicated team of Professionals working tirelessly behind the scenes promoting our brand and making sure that every VERTU mobile phone that reaches you is a True Masterpiece.


So, to begin with, let us take you through a tour of our facility in England where we manufacture our luxury mobile phones :





Every VERTU is, and always has been, handmade by a single craftsman at our small factory in Church Crookham, England. We use the most exceptional materials, such as ruby, sapphire and titanium, each carefully selected not just for their stunning appearance but for their exceptional strength. As part of our dedication to creating something truly unique, we also provide a wide range of personalisation options, allowing our customers to fully express their individuality.



To ensure we exceed your expectations, each process and function of your VERTU has been developed to meet the very highest benchmarks of power, reliability and performance. From crystal-clear sound and breath taking images to fast processing; and from global connectivity you can rely on, to the toughest materials, tested to our rigorous standards – the result is something quite remarkable.


There are no conveyor belts at VERTU. One worker is responsible for building each phone from start to finish, and each handset is engraved with his or her signature upon completion. This personal touch is appreciated by our customers, who occasionally request a particular person to build their next phone, which in turn feeds into the job satisfaction and pride of the people doing the assembly - our master craftsmen.

Vertu in India


VERTU has been selling luxury phones in India from the last 9 years and we have a huge number of satisfied customers all across India. You can order your VERTU mobile phone through our online store at and we deliver all across India. Also, we offer flexible payments plans as listed below:
1. Online Payment - Use Coupon Code 'VERTUINDIA' to get Flat 10% Off on Online Payments.
2. EMI Payment Plans
3. Cash On Delivery

"Providing Luxury VERTU Mobile phone to our esteemed customers and 100% Customer Satisfaction so that we can maintain a long term relationship''
We deliver your VERTU between 5-7 business days, depending on the place of delivery.
We have tried our level best to make luxury mobile phones affordable.
Your questions are our priority. Feel free to call us on +91 9819003466 or send us an email at : with your inquiries and we will answer in less than 48 hours excluding weekends.
We take pride in giving you the best after sale service in class. We stand by our quality standards and hence we provide a 2 Year Warranty on all VERTU Luxury Mobile Phones Sold in India. We also import spare parts and carry out repair work if and when needed.
Email us at : / or call us @ 9819003466