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Vertu Made To Order Service | Print Your Name

At our Vertu store in India, you can design your own Luxury VERTU Mobile Phone. VERTU has recently started offering 'Made To Order' services to its international customers. VERTU is a British brand known for making Handmade Luxury Mobile Phones. Now, you can make your Luxury VERTU Mobile Phone to look like - exactly how you want.

Explaining more in detail: Now, you can do several things at our Vertu store to make your VERTU more personalized. You can choose to do the following things:

1. PRINT YOUR 'NAME' / 'SIGNATURE' / 'BUSINESS LOGO' ON YOUR PHONE: At VERTU, we can now Laser Engrave your 'NAME' / 'SIGNATURE' / 'BUSINESS LOGO' or anything else you would like us to print, thus giving your Mobile Phone a more Personal - 'Made Specially For You' feeling. Our Craftsmen laser engraves your name perfectly on the back panel metal plate - and mind you, it is Guaranteed to Last Lifelong.

You can check out some Real Photos of our Customization work below. We can Print Your 'NAME' on the Back Side of the Mobile on the Right Panel, in a font that will suite your phone.

Vertu store in India Vertu store in India 1

2. We can make the phone in a Leather Colour (and type of Leather) chosen specifically by YOU. We have many types of eco-leather skins available from which you can choose. Example of some of our Customized Mobiles:

Vertu showroom in India

So, as you can see in this informational blog, a lot of things can be done to your VERTU mobile phone, to make it - 'Specially Yours'.

To Begin Customizing Your VERTU Phone, Connect with us at / or Call Us at Vertu India Customer Care Phone Number: +91 9819003466

Looking Forward To Help You Create Your Masterpiece. Thank You.

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